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 Welcome to Father Michael Troy Junior High School

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We, the Catholic School Community at Father Michael Troy will work together as a family to foster positive relationships. We will strive for excellence in our pursuit of individual, school and district goals. Through our faith, we will strengthen our core values: Loyalty, Fairness, Honesty, Dignity and Respect, Personal and Communal Growth and become lifelong learners.

Serving the community of The Meadows in South East Edmonton.


Flex Time Thursday Promoting Responsibility, Self-Reliance and Self-Motivation Father Michael Troy is currently in our third year of an exciting learning initiative called Flex Time. Flex time is a designated block of time during the school day that is student directed but teacher supervised, where students can extend their learning, pursue individual interests, collaborate with peers, or where necessary, seek remediation and learning supports.

The Flex Time initiative has been extremely successful and has proven to be time well spent by students and staff. Students have been very productive and creative using their time to seek one on one support, complete homework, work on group projects, and prepare for exams. We initially introduced core course work only but due to a high level of student interest, we have introduced seminar sessions in each core subject area as well as programming in French, Music, CTS, and Physical Education. To date, we have had hundreds of visitors to FMT looking to emulate our work locally as well as visitors from Norway and Australia, and we have presented at conferences locally and abroad. 

We are excited to see new initiatives develop from our work, and encourage your insight on future directions at FMT, to further develop students who are increasingly self-directed and successful, who develop a greater ownership for their learning, and who become more self-reliant, intrinsically motivated and more personally responsible.

Please call Mrs. Robinson at 780.471.1962 to share your thoughts and insights on the Flex Time initiative.




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